We are happy to say our all products are original and GPL (General Public License). We purchased all tools from original authors directly. For this reason, we say to the confidence you get a full fresh zip file from us.

We also want to say that we do not any virus and crack products. Because these products can be lost your website. Using these products can hack your site.

Yes! We will give you a license key if you purchased any theme or plugin for unlimited domains. If you purchased our tools for a Single domain we will just activate it with our username or purchased code.

You will get all pro facilities on your website (like premium templates, auto-update, etc).

No! You can not. You only use these tools for your & your clints website. If you resell or exchange this you lost your license key all access. Then we have nothing to do. If you even try to exchange these tools and the evidence comes to our hands you will lose access to your license.

We are strict in giving maximum benefits to our real customers.


Orders will also be taken with your bank account.

e-commerce websites are features that allow the creation of collections with desired products saved by clients, in their user’s account. Basically, they are used when users have an interest in your products, but they didn’t intend to make a purchase at exactly that time.

Then we must inform by mail. Then you have to accept what we decide.