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How important is English for freelancing?

Yes, there is no alternative to freelancing without knowing English. Why? Because the only thing you will do is to add computer and internet. But what is its language? Bengali? English, of course. English must be for this. On the other hand. You will contact the buyer to take a project when using these two things. What will the buyer say then? “Brother, do I need a project? I am very poor, my mother is sick. Don’t say I NEED A PROJECT? Think. Now if you ask how much English you need to know. So I will recommend like me if you can speak better. And if you can’t do that, then at least grammatically you can write well. Because if you speak broken English, the buyer will not work with you for a long time because he feels dissatisfied. Suppose you are a man from Sylhet and one of your business partners lives in Chittagong. How long will there be sweetness between the two? Is it possible to survive in that business with regional languages ​​of two places? Or do we have to speak pure Bengali? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But it will be convenient to work.

So of course you need to know English first and then go crazy for this freelancing. And if you think I can speak English fluently. You are straight rejected. This I said according to my experience. Because I want everyone to read this guideline and build a freelancing career permanently. I don’t come across anyone who started working after reading this career guideline knowing broken English and after two days he broke down without getting a job. Hope you don’t.

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